Caribbean Chapter


Caribbean Chapter

Is mandated to promote the required infrastructure for sustainable business development and the future of the cannabis industry. New legislation and compliance regulations make for a rapidly evolving and dynamic marketplace.

Success while pioneering a new industry requires a clear understanding of the rules governing the present along with the vision to perceive the changes that will be made to them going forward. The National Cannabis Chamber of Commerce is the catalyst for getting all of us to the next level of professionalism and success in an ever fluid, blossoming industry. 

The Chamber will function as an independent body that will represents the interests of companies involved in the Medical Cannabis and HEMP industries. Assist its member with the regulatory, legislative and policy processes, while guiding our members  companies in developing their business. The overall goal is to be able share valuable information, on new developments in the industry and to generating business partnerships among it’s members.





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Better Business Division


The Better Business Division of the NCCC. Our dispute resolution department uses mediation to settle disputes. NCCC staff will provide information about the complaint to the business and pass along offers made by either side to solve the problem. NCCC will present the customer's views to the business and offer the business viewpoint to the customer in a neutral way, Conciliation, which usually occurs by telephone or mail or online, frequently settles the matter simply and quickly. Our goal is to resolve complaints that are satisfactory to both parties, hoping that both parties will do business together in the future. "Members Only".

Why Join the National Cannabis Chamber of Commerce?

Everyone involved in the cannabis industry -- from the smallest retail dispensary and Grow to the largest of the many ancillary businesses -should belong to the National Cannabis Chamber of Commerce. Together we will help bring about the key changes that must occur in our fast-growing industry on each of the local, state and national levels. 

If you're wanting to take your business to the next level locally, regionally or nationally, The NCCC will assist  you. Our national reach and branding capabilities are unsurpassed.



  • Individuals

    Dues: $150 monthly or $1,000 annually.

    This basic membership plan includes national political representation for your business, a listing in the member directory, a vote in the annual board election and eligibility for product and event discounts.

  • Corporate

    Dues: $250 monthly or $2,500 annually.

    This preferred membership plan grants higher weighted vote in annual CCCC board elections, logo placement in the association directory and all of the benefits of a Basic Membership.

  • Corporate Founders

    Dues: $500 monthly or $5,000 annually.

    This premium membership plan includes eligibility to serve on the CCCC board of directors, highest profile logo placement in the association directory, and the highest weighted vote in annual board elections.